Did a Plane hit the Pentagon?

A very divisive question asked within the 9/11 Truth Movement is “did a plane hit the Pentagon?” There are many 9/11 researchers out there that have different theories as to what happened. Some claim it was indeed Flight 77 or possibly another plane. Many think it was struck by a Missile which I believe is unlikely. We also have some people that believe a plane flew over the Pentagon as a bomb was detonated inside the building. After 10 years of research, I am frustrated to say that I really don’t know for sure what happened.

The fact is that we do not have all the available evidence to determine exactly what happened. All this division and arguing takes us many steps backwards when we should be moving forward with indictments instead of endless debates. All this wasted energy could be better used to get the FBI to release the 85 tapes that were confiscated. Everything else is futile and a big waste of time.

The only video footage that was released by the FBI consisted of 5 frames that do not clearly show an American Airlines Boeing 757. The video also looks to be manipulated and edited. However, there is also plenty of debris on the pentagon lawn that could very well be from Flight 77 or another aircraft.

With that said, lets look at both sides to this debate and let people come up with their own opinion about what really happened. For the record, I want to say that for years, I believed no plane hit the Pentagon.  But after looking at all the evidence, I am very open to the possibility that a plane, not specifically Flight 77, but a plane did hit the Pentagon. You decide for yourself.

Photographic Evidence supporting NO PLANE hit the Pentagon

Here are images that we often see of the hole before and after the collapse of the roof. As you can clearly see, it”s hard to imagine that a Boeing 757 crashed there. We are left with the question, where is the plane?

pentagon wall

Pentagon Hole Photos

(Take into comparison the position of the white car and green 4×4 in relation to the hole)

#1 http://www.theatlantic.com/static/infocus/911theday090811/a15_91105208.jpg
#2 http://www.publicintelligence.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/DM-SD-02-03885.jpeg
#3 http://www.i.imgur.com/X8mYb.jpg
#4 http://www.publicintelligence.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/DM-SD-02-03896.jpeg
#5 http://www.publicintelligence.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/DM-SD-02-03905.jpeg
#6 http://www.911research.wtc7.net/pentagon/evidence/photos/docs/may06/101ly.jpg


Golf Anyone? Yes, the Pentagon lawn looks ready for golf season. No trace of a plane anywhere. No skid marks, no debris, no nothing. Why? Because the plane did not crash onto the lawn. It came in at a 45 degree angle and directly impacted the first floor of the Pentagon.


Other photo’s of the lawn

Hard evidence exists that American Airlines Flight 77 did not strike the Pentagon on September 11, 2001
Is it possible that a Boeing 757 fit into this hole?

For years, I thought it was impossible that a Boeing 757 crashed into that hole but that’s because I wasn’t looking at ALL the information or lack thereof. But over the years, I started thinking more about it and I can’t stop asking myself, “Why would they fake a plane crashing into the Pentagon when after all, they had just crashed two into the side of the towers?” The answer is they wouldn’t. If someone filmed a fly over or a missile, this would have sabotaged the entire plan. So to answer the question does a Boeing 757 fit into that hole, the answer is yes, yes it does.


Photographic Evidence supporting a PLANE DID hit the Pentagon

Now, here are photo’s of the Pentagon lawn just left of the hole. As you can clearly see, there is small pieces of plane debris scattered all over the lawn. It’s important to remember that the plane did not hit straight into the Pentagon’s E ring, it came in at a 45 degree angle from right to left knocking over 5 light poles in its path. This is why you see much more debris to the left of the hole rather than in front. Which also would explain the golfing greens.

plane debris

Pentagon Debris Pics

#1 http://www.defense.gov/news/Sep2001/200109139f_hr.jpg
#2 http://www.911blogger.com/sites/911blogger.com/files/Pentagon%20Photo’s%20015.jpg
#3 http://www.supremelaw.org/cc/gwbush/pentagon/debris/debrisHR.JPG
#4 (Collage)
#5 http://www.newsfollowup.com/images/download/010912-N-3235P-009_lo.jpg
#6 http://www.web.archive.org/web/20020202002711/http:/www.criticalthrash.com/terror/P1010015.JPG
#7 http://www.911research.wtc7.net/pentagon/evidence/photos/docs/may06/101ly.jpg
Let’s compare some of the pieces found to that of an American Airlines Boeing 757. I’m no aviation parts expert but it’s certainly looks to match up to me.

pentagondebris2 Landing_Gear_Complete
More information on the Debris and Light poles is located here:

Here is some great information put together by Adam Taylor that supports a plane impact. Go through each point and come to your own conclusion.

Evidence that American Airlines 77 Hit the Pentagon
American Airlines Flight 77 Evidence

“The following blog contains a straight forward, easy to follow and to the point list of evidence to show that American Airlines Flight 77, and only American Airlines Flight 77, hit the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.”
This photo seems to be consistent with the damage of the entry hole. The bottom section seems a little too wide but other than that, I’d say it’s a match.

What the Physical Evidence Shows



If you want to hear more debates on the Pentagon. Here are several threads that received 100 of comments with no real outcome or consensus as to what really happened.



Going by witness testimony, there are over 100 witnesses that saw a plane impact the Pentagon. There are 0 witnesses that saw a missile and there are 0 witnesses that saw a plane fly over the Pentagon. Are all these witnesses lying or is their testimony valid and corroborates with many other people on the scene? Listen for yourself.


9/11 Pentagon Witnesses – They Saw the Plane Hit!



There are several questions that need to be answered and explained by the people that think no plane hit the pentagon. You can’t ignore this evidence without an explanation.

1) Why would they fake a plane crash into the Pentagon? Considering they just flew two planes into the Towers.
2) Why is there 100’s of small to midsize pieces of plane debris all over the lawn and inside the hole?
3) Why would 180 different witnesses lie about seeing a plane hit the Pentagon?
4) What caused the downing of 5 lightpoles if it was not a plane?
5) Do you think the CCTV footage is legit? and why?
6) What caused the hole in the C Ring of the Pentagon if it wasn’t a plane?
7) What hit the green generator parked in front of the Pentagon if it was not a plane?

Pentagon No Planers always ignore these questions because the evidence does not fit their theories.


1) “No clear impact zone, whereas the towers crash pattern looks like the signature of plane impacts.”

A) The Planes that flew into the Towers were not crashing into a Steel reinforced wall that was recently upgraded. Like at the Pentagon.

2) “Plane parts.”

A) There is lots of debris of plane parts. We can’t dismiss this evidence even though it was never matched up to Flight 77. It had to come from some where.

3) “Secondary explosions.”

A) There were several reports of secondary explosions that were never investigated.

4) “Witness evidence of smelling of cordite.”

A) Reports that were never investigated.

5) “CCTV camera do not show a plane.”

A) Agreed. Frames look to be manipulated.

6) “DoubleTree Hotel footage which does not show a plane.”

A) Agreed. Only fuels no planes at the Pentagon theory.

7) “Pilots for 9/11 Truth”

A) Not a fan of Balsamo or John Lear.

8) “Chandler “Fuzzyblob”.”

A) Strawman argument.

9) “The plane ‘liquid slurry’ C Ring Hole.”

A) Hey now, even the official story has half a dozen different theories for this hole.

10) “Church bombing in Iraq comparable to C Ring.”

A) So are you saying a bomb made the C Ring hole?

11) “2 other punchouts holes (identical to the C ring)”

A) The other two “emergency” holes were square, not round. They were created for emergency and cleanup operations.

12) “The Cabbie changing his story (Lloyde England)”

A) After 2 years of being harassed by CIT. He stated it was a cover up but not that his cab was staged.

13) “lawn crew walking in a large line”

A) They are removing evidence from a crime scene. Which is obstruction of Justice.

14) “The Pristine Pentalawn”

A) Since the Plane came in at a 45 degree angle you see much more debris to the left (north) of the hole and all over the Helipad.”



“This article proves without a shadow of doubt that the no-Flight-77-at-Pentagon theory absolutely holds no water and, more worrying maybe, that the individuals pushing it have resorted to outright and very obvious fraud. So why is it that 99 percent of the 9/11 Truth community has continued to back the no-Flight-77-at-Pentagon theory?”



As you can see based off the photographic evidence, it’s hard to tell exactly what happened at the Pentagon. In some images, it’s hard to believe that a 757 crashed there. In other images, there looks to be lots of small pieces of debris that could match up to a large Boeing. Looking at the witnesses, there should be no doubts that a plane was seen flying towards the Pentagon. One thing for certain, this debate has caused a lot of division within the movement and unless we see the confiscated footage, we may never know what really happened. Wouldn’t this time wasted be better utilized on trying to get the FBI to release the tapes? I think yes. The question should NOT be “Did a Plane hit the Pentagon?”, the question should be “Was it Flight 77?”.

If you would like to see more information on the Pentagon, I advise that you go through all the information I have listed under the Pentagon heading so that you can get a better understanding of things.

  1. Going Beyond Speculation – David Chandler

    Here is a 45 minute presentation made by David Chandler that looks at much of the evidence that a large Boeing did indeed hit the Pentagon. David Chandler is not speaking to the World in this presentation, he’s speaking specifically to the 9/11 truth Movement.

    Instead of speculating about alternative theories about what happened at the Pentagon, there are questions that need to be answered first. I ask you watch this entire presentation before leaving a single comment about “Missiles”, “Fly Overs” or “Explosions” and start looking at the available evidence. Something that none of the Alternative theories can explain.

    Two dozen questions about Flight 77 and the Pentagon that might lead to justice


  2. For members of the 9/11 Truth Movement that do not believe a plane hit the Pentagon. Here are some facts that cannot go without questioning.

    (Post made by Ed Brotherton)

    1. You have plane debris at the crash site much of it photographed and available online to see. Some of the parts include 1/2 ton piece of landing gear found inside the Pentagon after the fires were put out, Wheel hub assembly matching a 757, Engine compressor matching an RB211-535 Rolls Royce Power plant which is the same one used by AA 77, Tire off of its rim, rim with holes matching a 757, APU door found on the lawn, Fuselage piece with the top part of the letter “n” from American American Airlines logo and paint scheme to match, another fuselage piece with the letter “c” from the logo, two parts of the wings, a small piece containing AA markings and a serial number and many other pieces to numerous to mention.

    2. All the photographs are verified and photographers known.

    3. Several Eye witnesses saw the actual impact of the plane hitting the pentagon. Even Police officer Lagasse in an interview Nov. of 2001 said he saw the plane impact the pentagon and he is one CIT’s golden boy North Side flyover witnesses.

    4. No witnesses saw a missile.

    5. The Pentagon does not have a kind of missile defense system that people keep assuming. The pentagon is very close to a major airport and near Andrews AFB.

    6. The generator just in front of the Pentagon was struck by the incoming object i.e. plane taking out a large chunk on top and knocking it off it’s foundation. (sorry guys a missile would have hit the generator and exploded at that point not continue on and explode upon impact of the out ring of the pentagon, maintain it’s shape and structure as it didn’t explode and keep going through a C Ring making a pretty hole on other side) The chunk that was taken out matches the trajectory of the aircraft and where the lower part of the engine would have hit it.

    7. The engines do not extend past the bottom of the plane 9 feet. They extend 5 1/2 feet with another 4 feet above the fuselage. If it was 9 feet this would mean the plane would never be able to land beyond the engines extend further than the landing gear ever would.

    8. With over 3000 people on the ground and 13 federal agencies not a singe one of those people have ever come out said anything other than plane hit the pentagon.

    9. There are photographs of personal effects from the passengers and some personal inside the pentagon. These photographs were cataloged and include boarding passes for flight 77, jewelry, identification of passengers, articles of clothing, wallets, etc.

    I can go on and on but the bottom line is this. In order for it to be anything other than flight 77 you have to ask yourself these question and NOT speculate.

    What hit the Pentagon
    If it was a missile. Who fired and where from?
    What kind of missile?
    From what trajectory did it come?
    Did the missile knock down the light poles?
    If so how and were there wings on the Missile?
    Are the wings wide enough?
    If not were they planed or staged?
    If so who went roaming around staging light poles around the Pentagon under the nose of Pentagon security?
    Did they do it at night and if so same question as above?
    If they did before, how did they do it while traffic is heavy in the morning?
    Would the powers that be assess the risk of planting light poles and consider it a good risk? Consider the chances of getting caught?
    How did all the plane debris get there?
    Was it planted by personnel?
    Is so who, where did the pieces come from? How did they get it to the site? Where did they store before the incident? How did they get the parts inside the Pentagon especially since most of those are far to heavy to carry?
    How many people would have been needed to plant all those pieces?
    Where did flight 77 go?
    where are all the passengers?
    How did they stage an incident of a AA 77 impact the pentagon and fool over 3000 investigators on the ground?
    If the powers that be did an risk assessment for fooling everyone at the world that a plane didn’t hit the pentagon, what would that risk assessment show.

    What is the most likely scenario
    A. Flight 77 Hit the Pentagon
    B. The Government faked flight 77 Creating all those questions stated above?


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