American Sniper is Anti-Muslim Propaganda

So I watched the American Sniper film directed by Clint Eastwood and he uses a lot of propaganda in order to glorify a “war hero” named Chris Kyle. During the movie, there are several scenes where Clint uses woman and children in order to justify the “war on terror” and the killing of innocent people. You used “Dirty Harry” tactics Mr. Eastwood and you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading more Islamophobia across the world. Chris Kyle is not a “War Hero”, he is a murderer. Let’s look more at the Film and who Chris Kyle really was. He’s was a man who thought all Iraqi’s were “savages”.



Noam Chomsky Destroys ‘American Sniper’ As State Propaganda, Calls Out Obama As Terrorist
‘American Sniper’ Is Almost Too Dumb to Criticize Almost.
American Sniper has warped Americans’ fragile little minds
‘American Sniper’ Dad To Clint Eastwood: ‘Disrespect My Son And I’ll Unleash Hell On You’
American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Widow Taya: ‘I Miss Him So Much’
Here are messages from Americans after they watched the movie. Showing the level of ignorance in Americans that believe for the propaganda.
Kyle was credited with 260+ Kills and was decorated for it. Yet, the Iraq war has resulted in the killing of well over 1,000,000 Iraqi lives. The 260 figure marginalizes the total loss of life in Iraq.

From 2008
American Sniper

Reviews from all the mainstream media sites.
“Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who the Oscar-nominated film “American Sniper” is based on, wrote a book by the same name that encapsulates his hatred, bigotry and enthusiasm for killing “Iraqi savages”, most of which is sanitized or missing from the movie. Here is Chris Kyle in his own words:”
7 Big Lies ‘American Sniper’ Is Telling America

“1. The Film Suggests the Iraq War Was In Response To 9/11.
2. The Film Invents a Terrorist Sniper Who Works For Multiple Opposing Factions.
3. The Film Portrays Chris Kyle as Tormented By His Actions
4. The Real Chris Kyle Made Up A Story About Killing Dozens of People In Post-Katrina New Orleans
5. The Real Chris Kyle Fabricated A Story About Killing Two Men Who Tried To Carjack Him In Texas
6. Chris Kyle Was Successfully Sued For Lying About the Former Governor of Minnesota
7. Chris Kyle’s Family Claimed He Donated His Book Proceeds To Veterans’ Charity, But He Kept Most Of The Profits”


@ 23:00 in the movie, there is a scene that shows the towers collapsing. The news reporter in the background says “It almost looks like one of those implosions in buildings that you see…. except there is nothing controlled about this.” Not only does this scene dismiss obvious controlled demolition of the Towers. It also serves as a pretext to invade Iraq, which of course had nothing to do with 9/11.

@ 28:00 in the movie, the scene shows a military convoy in the streets of Iraq and a mother and her son come walking out of there home and the mother passes a bomb to her son to use on the convoy.

at 38:00 minutes in the movie. They have a general talking about Al-Zarqawi and how he is aligned to Bin Laden. They refer to him as the “crown prince of Alqaeda in Iraq.”

Need I remind everyone again that there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq before 9/11. Al-Zarqawi was a created boogeyman.

Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? From Al-Zarqawi to Al-Bagdahdi: “The Islamic State” is a CIA-Mossad-MI6 “Intelligence Asset”


“Nick Berg is an American who will become known for being beheaded on video in Iraq in 2004 (see March 24-May 11, 2004). It will later come out that he had a curious connection to Zacarias Moussaoui.”
Berg Decapitation Video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib Prison.
Nick Berg decapitation video declared “a fraud” by medical doctor
@42:00 the scene is of a house raid of a family and “Kyle” asks them “why are you here?”. People seem to forget this is their home. If a soldier from another country invaded your home, what would you do?

@1:01:00. A Soldier approaches Chris and expresses his doubts about being in Iraq. Chris gets upset at him and says, “you don’t want these fucks going to San Diego or New York do you?”. The only soldier that dies in the movie was this guy. Go figure.

@1:07:00. Kyle finds the families weapons stash under the floor. This makes it look like every family in Iraq has military weapons under their Kitchen.

@1:12:00. The film shows a women watching Kyle threw the window and then makes a call to the Iraqi Sharpshooter. So not only are men the “terrorists” but the woman are helping them.

@1:36:00 Chris Kyle snipes a man with a rocket launcher and a child comes over and picks up the launcher. The child dropped the weapon or Kyle would have killed the little boy.

as8 ———–
Commemorating the death of Chris Kyle giving the sense of Patriotism.



Chris Kyle

“Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle (April 8, 1974 – February 2, 2013) was a United States Navy SEAL, and proclaimed most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, having accumulated 160 confirmed kills out of 255 probable kills. These numbers are based on individual shooter logs, filled out at the end of a mission, and reported to higher command. Confirmed kills must have a witness”
Chris Kyle Quotes


AUTOBIOGRAPHY “American Sniper”

The Movie is based on the “True Story” of Chris Kyle. In his own Autobiography, Chris expressed hatred towards Iraqi’s where he writes “I hate the damn savages. I couldn’t give a flying f**k about the Iraqis.”

“American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”
Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Enemy are Savages




Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Enemy are Savages

In the video with O’Reilly. Chris Kyle says “Civilized people do not act like savages”.

Do I need to show the pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison and other acts of torture?

Fox Retracts the Chris Kyle Punches Jesse Ventura story! OK, not really.

American Sniper Chris Kyle “My intentions were never to call out,” (Jesse Ventura) (CSPAN)
Jesse Ventura Walks Off Opie & Anthony – @OpieRadio

Jesse Ventura, fake SEAL gets bitch-slapped by a real one (Opie and Anthony)

Jesse Ventura sued Chris Kyle and won.

Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in damages against Chris Kyle, slain Navy SEAL sniper

“The news emerged after six days of deliberations in St. Paul, Minn. The award includes $500,000 in defamation damages and $1.345 million for “unjust enrichment,” according to the Star-Tribune of Minnesota. “Unjust enrichment” is typically awarded in cases in which the court finds that one person has unjustly or by chance made money at the expense of another, requiring restitution.”


Chris Kyle was killed on Feb 2nd, 2013 on a Shooting Range by Eddie Routh who suffered from mental illness (PTSD).



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