DISINFO: Floating Bridge is a fake background

DISINFO: Floating Bridge is a fake background

DISINFO: Floating Bridge is a fake background

September Clues

floating bridge



Nothing is “Floating”. The helicopter is simply panning while the Camera is focused on the tower. It’s a video term know as Pan and Scan. Let me show you by comparison from news helicopter footage.

9/11 Helicopter Aerial Footage Of Burning Towers From The South

@1:07 – 1:31. The Empire State Building is not floating behind the Towers, the helicopter is panning to the right bringing the ESB into view.


@10:05 – 15:50. Here the helicopter is panning back to the left bringing the ESB back into view.
“Pan and Tilt[edit]
A device upon which a camera can be mounted that allows movement in both the azimuth (pan) and in the vertical plane (tilt).[7]

Pan/Tilt Preset Positioning[edit]
Follower pots are installed on pan/tilt unit to allow feedback to the controller and provides information relevant to horizontal and vertical positioning, allowing the controller to quickly adjust to a pre-selected scene automatically.”

“Pan adjusts the focal point by pivoting the camera direction, usually slowly across a scene.”

“Pans are fixed, lateral movements made with the camera.”

Panning Sources:
Mastering Videography – Camera Techniques – 02 Panning

Example of a panning shot (18 seconds)


The bridge nor the Empire State Building is floating. It’s a video term called panning.

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