Noam Chomsky has been exposing corruption for decades but when it comes to 9/11, Chomsky fails the litmus test. This puts Noam “Who cares if 9/11 was an inside job” Chomsky in my Gatekeeper album.

Noam Chomsky – Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and social activist.

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator and anarcho-syndicalist activist. Sometimes described as the “father of modern linguistics”
Noam Chomsky: 9/11 (Book)
A book that can be potentially more dangerous than the 9/11 commission report!
Chomsky is a “truth activist” but I don’t like him and I don’t trust him! Noam knows 9/11 was an inside job but he censors it big time.
Chomsky: Who cares who caused 9/11, who cares who killed JFK.


“Even if it were true (9/11 conspiracies), which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, It doesn’t have any significance. But it’s a little bit like the huge energy trying to figure out who killed John F Kennedy. Who knows and who cares? Plenty of people get killed all the time, what did it matter if one of them happened to be John F Kennedy?” – Noam Chomsky


I lost all respect for this man after hearing him use the words “Who cares?”. I’m sorry Chumpsky but 9/11 was the catalyst event that created the “War on Terror” that has destroyed our civil liberties. I guess the “Terrorists” won.
Why Do They Hate Us & Our Freedom (Noam Chomsky)

NOAM ON 9/11

Chomsky : No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks

“The Taliban indicated that they might consider extradition but they requested evidence, which of course is natural. And the Bush administration refused to provide any evidence, they said turn him over or we’ll bomb you. We later discovered one of the reasons why they didn’t produce evidence…they didn’t have any.” – Noam Chomsky

If there is no evidence that Al Qaeda carried out the attacks, how can Norm still support the Official Story?
Noam Chomsky Believes 9/11 Lies
Who is Behind 9/11 and Why? – Part I
On 9-11 Noam Chomsky debates with Bill Bennett CNN, May 30, 2002
Chomsky on 911 Truth and JFK Cults

“A study of Chomsky’s stands on particularly dreadful actions such as JFK’s assassination, 9/11, and with regard to the roles of the CIA and FBI, shows Chomsky to be a de facto defender of the status quo’s most egregious outrages and their covert agency engines. He conducts his de facto defence of the Empire he appears to oppose through applying the very propaganda methods against which he has warned, including use of the derogatory phrase “conspiracy theorist,” which in one context he has characterized as “something people say when they don’t want you to think about what’s really going on.” – Barrie Zwicker
Noam Chomsky: Trump could stage a ‘false flag’ terror attack and ‘change the country instantly’

“I think that we shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly,” Chomsky said.


Obama is worse than George Bush and Tony Blair says Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky on Barack Obama
Chomsky: US-led Afghan war, criminal
A MUST SEE Interview by Noam Chomsky
“The evil scourge of terrorism”: Reality, construction, remedy
(Erich Fromm Lecture 2010)


9/11 Truth – David Ray Griffin on Noam Chomsky

“don’t trust Griffin and his ill-informed followers for a moment; trust me; after all, since you have never caught me making a small lie to you, you know I would never support a big lie” – Noam Chomsky
A Conversation With The Renown Noam Chomsky: The Truth Movement and Sept. 11
“After having spoken to Noam Chomsky about September 11 and the Truth Movement, I was more lost than ever: how can such a brilliant man (who I agree with on so many levels) be so opposed to a theory like 9/11 is an inside job?”
Noam Chomsky Does Not Want You to Read This
By Dr. Kevin Barrett

“Here is a man, a brilliant semanticist, who completely understands how public relations works: that it is meant to be a mind control industry. A man who knows that this industry has now grown completely out of control, fabricating completely illusory realities to the masses through the media.

That this media has created a whole artificial realities in the wake of 911, an artificial reality that has generated shadow enemies, illegal wars, the pretext for shredding of our constitutional rights, torture, a police state where most of the crimes that support this structure could only have occurred with the assistance of agent provocateurs, laws passed to de-regulate and make business less transparent, tax cuts that have re-created a hereditary class and the looting of Wall Street and America.

It is self-event to any sentient being that 911, by itself, has been the biggest single false reality created and designed to manipulate public opinion. Yet this man, this “brilliant semanticist”, can’t bring himself to conclude that this signal event of modern history, this terrorist attack, could have been staged, despite the overwhelming evidence indicating such, and that there should be a new and thorough 911 investigation to truly identify who was behind and who benefited from 911; saying only that “911 doesn’t matter”.

There is something seriously awry here with this man. He has been labeled as gifted and a person who has no peer, so it can’t be for lack of intellect. It can only be from Chomsky willfully averring from what is as plain as the nose on his face: 911 was an inside job; and I for one am now labeling him for what his is: Agent. But an agent for whom?”
Kevin Ryan Responds to Noam Chomsky Ridicule of Architects & Engineers for 9/11
Truth founded by Richard Gage: “Willful Ignorance” in Dig Within Blog

“Noam Chomsky recently engaged in a smear campaign against Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth by misrepresenting what their efforts are, what they actually say, and their size, which he called “miniscule”. After some 30 email correspondences with Noam Chomsky, author-researcher Kevin Ryan has regretfully had to conclude that Chomsky has not availed himself of information about 9/11 that is readily available to everyone after these many years, including the information sent to Noam Chomsky by Kevin Ryan. That includes his new book titled “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects”.”
Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper
Here’s The Video To Share With Anybody Who Still Buys Into 9/11 Truther Stuff

“There happen to be a lot of people around who spent an hour on the Internet and think they know a lot of physics,” he added, “but it doesn’t work like that … There’s a reason there are graduate schools in these departments.”

Group Thread:
Alex Jones Interviews Noam Chomsky (Part 2)
I Think I’m Noam Chomsky (Rap Song by Sole)
The Left Gatekeepers Phenomenon
Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper (Corbett Report)
Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?

“During our historic visit with Prof. Chomsky, we presented him with more than 70 peer-reviewed papers on the subject of 9/11 in an effort to show him that we have indeed done our work in the academic community. Many of the papers include the explosive evidence of the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers.”

Richard Gage calls Noam Chomsky a “9/11 Gatekeeper”


Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn on Democracy Now for 2007-04-16
Montreal 9/11 Truth confronts Howard Zinn
Zinn on investigating 9/11


For everything that Noam Chomsky has exposed throughout his life, specifically the Bush War Crime Family, he still denies 9/11 being an inside job. There is no doubts that Noam is an intelligent person but Cognitive Dissonance cannot be used as an excuse when it comes to 9/11. He is a 9/11 Gatekeeper and controlled opposition.

Noam Chomsky is anything you want him to be. He can say one thing one day and the exact opposite the next. “Who cares” about Noam Chomsky? He fails the 9/11 Litmus Test.

Noam is a left wing Gate Keeper that censors 9/11! His protege is Jeremy Scahill.


Noam 3

  1. Oh just shut your pie hole Chumpsky. Noam has denied the obvious “False flag” of 9/11 for the last 16 years! Now he thinks Trump could use one. SMH.


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