A Gatekeeper is a person who controls access to something, for example via a city gate. In the late 20th century the term came into metaphorical use, referring to individuals who decide whether a given message will be distributed by a mass medium. Gatekeeping is the process through which information is filtered for dissemination, be it publication, broadcasting, the Internet, or some other type of communication.

“Gatekeeping” is the act of preventing others from recognizing an important, often vital, truth. The practice of willful gatekeeping is a deceptive and dishonest form of communication; a lie of omission, commission, and/or inference; a kind of disinformation. It typically involves keeping people from seeing the big picture, by withholding or suppressing some vital piece of circumstance-altering information, under the guise of telling people everything there is to know.”
Limited Hangout

The Limited Hangout tactic is a form of propaganda that is used to reduce backlash against an immoral or would-be illegal act (usually considered a cover-up), by making it seem like the perpetrators have come clean about their role, while still keeping important details hidden. By releasing information that was previously secret or not yet acknowledged, backlash is reduced because some people will believe the cover-up has been fully exposed and admitted to.


Amy Goodman is the host and creator of Democracy Now. Democracy now was all over 9/11 truth at the beginning but it is no longer mentioned on her show.


UNedited Amy Goodman Interview Part 1 on 9/11.

“I think Osama Bin Laden and his accomplices should be tried for what happened on September 11th and I think Henry Kissinger should be tried for War Crimes.” @8:00
9/11 Truth Confronts Amy Goodman & Democracy Now! ~ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 20Oct12

Mark Phillips, mechanical engineer, AE911 member has presented a lot of physical and forensic information regarding 9/11 to Amy Goodman and she has refused to discuss any of it on her show.
Amy Goodman questioned about 911 (2009)
Questions to Amy Goodman about 911 (2006)
Apparently Amy Goodman and her crew filmed the collapse of Building 7 however they sound was edited from the original footage. Although the person that made this video has been known to pass off disinformation.


Rachel Maddow, talk show host for MSNBC has really changed her tune over the years. She used to be an honest journalist that questioned the actions of Government officials but that quickly changed shortly after Obama won his second election. Rachel is nothing more than a left wing talking head that does not pass the 9/11 litmus test.


Rachel Maddow rants about Alex Jones, False Flags, and Conspiracy Theories

Rachel Maddow – 9/11 Foreknowledge Is Indisputable
Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow diddle-daddle with 9/11 Truth on Countdown – 4/1/08
Rachel Maddow Rips Alex Jones (Infowars) Conspiracy Theories On Boston.

Rachel Maddow Goes After Ron Paul, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck
Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments | Weapons of Mass Distraction
Abby Martin Calls Out Rachel Maddow For Painting 9/11 Truthers As Potential Terrorist
Buzzsaw : Tyrel Ventura Takes Rachel Maddow To Task
Rachel Maddow Talks with Mother Whose Son was Killed on 9/11 about Conspiracy Theorists
Rachel Maddow Obama’s Prolonged Detention

CONCLUSION: What happened to Rachel Maddow? She has become a shill for the 9/11 Perps! That’s what happened.


valerie plame

Valerie Plame – is a former United States CIA Operations Officer and the author of a memoir detailing her career and the events leading up to her resignation from the CIA.
“Fair Game” 2010 with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn!

So now, is Valeri Plame really a whistelblower of just another CIA operative that is following the common rhetoric of other high powered officials that turned their back on her?
Valerie Plame sits in with The View pt 1
Valerie Plame Confronted Over New 9/11 Investigation – “Government Couldnt Do It”

In this video, Valerie states that the Government cannot keep a secret. I believe she is correct because right now, 9/11 was no secret. The perpetrators have all been caught lying under oath and failing to answer the tough questions.

Valerie also states that we should question the government……. but not when it comes to 9/11!!! Hmmmm……

Valerie was ousted by high officials in the white house and her identity was leaked because she exposed the lies of WMD in IRAQ!

So Valerie, my question is:

If the US Govt took actions against you because you were correct about no WMD’s in IRAQ, and the war in IRAQ was essentially because of 9/11………….. why would you trust the Governments account about what really happened on that day?



Thierry Meyssan is one of the first International celebrities that spoke out about 9/11 truth. However, with all the great research he does, he discredits it with Pentagon disinformation.

Thierry Meyssan

The Big Lie

Thierry Meyssan’s Big Lie

“In 2002 Thierry Meyssan, described on voltairenet.org as “Journalist and writer, president of the Voltaire Network” published 9/11 The Big Lie. In it, Meyssan showcases his theory that the Pentagon was not attacked with a jetliner, but was damaged by a truck bomb. The book was translated into at least 25 different languages, and expertly marketed. According to USA Books, it sold a half a million copies. 1

Meyssan followed 9/11 The Big Lie with Le Pentagate, in which he proposed that the Pentagon was hit with a missile. Among its fallacies of evidence and logic, Le Pentagate highlighted a set of leaked frames of Pentagon CCTV video to support the missile theory, without even questioning the veracity of the images.

Meyssan’s books contain a good deal of analysis about who had the means and motive to commit the attack, but their treatment of the attack itself focuses exclusively on promoting the idea that the Pentagon crash did not involve a jetliner. Because this idea is almost certainly false, it undermines the books’ conclusion that the attack was an inside job. The effective marketing of Meyssan’s books assured that the no-Boeing theory would be the first alternative theory of the attack that most people would encounter, and hence the one that they would associate with questioning of the official story.È

“April 3, 2006 — Want to Know promotes Thierry Meyssan’s hoax book (again), years after it was exposed as a mix of real and fake claims that discredit serious investigation.
“Horrifying Fraud” was Meyssan’s first book claiming a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon (Monsieur Meyssan publicly claimed that a truck bomb was used, which is absurd – especially since hundreds of commuters and bystanders saw the plane as it swooped around Arlington County to zero in on the nearly empty part of the Pentagon). His sequel “Pentagate” is the book that has a photo of Boeing parts on the front cover, a bad joke hidden in plain sight.
Want to Know is promoting the film “Loose Change,” a slick mix of real evidence and absurd nonsense claims that is a recycling of the discredited hoax film In Plane Site (the main difference is Loose Change is about half true and half fake, while In Plane Site was about 90% fake).

This message is available online at http://www.WantToKnow.info/060403newsarticles
September 11 attacks exposed as ‘an appalling fraud’
French buy into 9/11 conspiracy

“Thierry Meyssan, author of “The Horrifying Fraud,” does believe man walked on the moon, but insists, among other things, that it was not a hijacked American Airlines 757 that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 but a missile fired by the military itself.

Meyssan said: “The official version is incomplete and on certain points is wrong. This bombing was not done with a plane but a missile. As far as we are concerned the plane was destroyed in Ohio.”



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