National Transportation Safety Board

“The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent U.S. government investigative agency responsible for civil transportation accident investigation. In this role, the NTSB investigates and reports on aviation accidents and incidents, certain types of highway crashes, ship and marine accidents, pipeline incidents and railroad accidents.”
“the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The [National Transportation] Safety Board provided requested technical assistance to the FBI, and any material generated by the NTSB is under the control of the FBI. The Safety Board does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket.”
“The Safety Board did not determine the probable cause and does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Safety Board provided requested technical assistance to the FBI, and any material generated by the NTSB is under the control of the FBI.”
FBI ends site work, says no bomb used

“The FBI said yesterday that it has finished its work at the crash scene of United Flight 93 after recovering about 95 percent of the downed airliner and concluding that explosives were not responsible for bringing it down.”
Aviation Accident Reports

“The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon. The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.”

4 are missing from 9/11.
FOIA Appeal Denied: FBI Again Refuses To Confirm Identity Of 9/11 Planes

“According to the FBI, “the material requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section 552, subsection (b) (7) (A).”

This subsection reads: “could be reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

The FBI has publicly declared that certain civil aircraft were involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It apparently was not believed by the FBI, that disclosure of that information would jeopardize any September 11th “enforcement proceedings”.”

NTSB: No Records Pertaining To Process Of Positive Identification Of 9/11 Aircraft Wreckage

NTSB Reports

Long-Hidden NTSB Reports Contain Flight Data and Excerpts from Flight Path Studies from all 4 flights. Times and altitude listed.
NOTES: Why didn’t the NTSB investigate the crashes from 9/11 as they do for 99% of all plane crashes? Why did the FBI take over the investigation?


September 11: FAA Closure of US Airspace


“This animation was created by NASA using FAA air traffic control data from September 11, 2001. It shows the rapid grounding of air traffic across the US, and redirection of incoming international traffic, in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Time is at lower left, number of planes in the air lower right. At 9:06am, FAA issued a ground stop to all traffic not yet departed that would encounter NY airspace [“tier one”- NY, DC, Boston, Cleveland] . A series of rapid decisions followed, including redirecting inbound traffic away from NY and warning airplanes in the air of potential cockpit intrusion. At 9:45am, FAA Command Center decided to close all US airspace for the first time in history. Within a few hours, all commercial air traffic was grounded. This animation is displayed in the National Air and Space Museum’s “America by Air” exhibition.”

Times differ according to different reports:
At 9:15am, FAA issued a ground stop to all traffic not yet departed that would encounter NY airspace. 4360 Planes in the air.
At 9:25am, FAA orders full Ground stop. 4452 Planes in the air.
At 9:45am, FAA Command Center decided to close all US airspace for the first time in history. 3949 Planes in the air.


Benedict Sliney – FAA’s national operations manager on 9/11. It was his first day on the job and he failed to request military assistance for any of the hijacked airliners. Previously a Wall Street lawyer

FAA Failure on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the JSOC Hijack Coordinator
Ben Sliney

“Ben Sliney is a former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) National Operations Manager. His first day in this position was September 11, 2001, and he was responsible for ordering a National Ground Stop across United States airspace in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.”

“While Sliney made the decision on his own initiative, he had the advice of an experienced staff of air traffic controllers and traffic managers. Although it was his first day in charge, Sliney had an over-25 year background in air traffic and management in the FAA.”
Controller relives horror of ’93’

“Ben Sliney is the man who closed down the sky on Sept. 11, 2001.
As terrorists seized control of four airplanes, Sliney, chief of air-traffic-control operations at the FAA’s command center in Herndon, Va., gave the unprecedented order to ground all planes across the nation and redirect those already in the sky to the nearest airport.”
Why the Planes Were Not Intercepted on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the Special Ops Hijack Coordinator
Man who grounded 4,000 planes on 9/11 was on first day of his job

“As terrorists seized control of four airplanes on Sept. 11th, 2001, Ben Sliney, chief of air-traffic-control operations at the FAA’s command center in Herndon, Va., gave the unprecedented order to ground 4,000-plus planes across the nation and redirect any in the sky to the nearest airport. It was his first day on the job.”
United 93: An Interview with National Operations Manager Ben Sliney (April 2006)

“9/11 was your very first day on the job.
Ben Sliney: You got it! 9/11 was my very first day on the job. It was a promotion……”


Michael Canavan – FAA’s “hijack coordinator,” starting just months before and leaving just a month after 9/11. Was missing during the morning hours of the 9/11 attacks. Previously Commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command.

FAA Failure on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the JSOC Hijack Coordinator


Carl Truscott – Secret Service Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division. Failed to take action on alerts given by FAA and other Secret Service agents during the attacks.

Secret Service Failures on 9/11: A Call for Transparency


Norman Mineta

“During the September 11, 2001 attacks, Mineta issued an order to ground all civilian aircraft traffic for the first time in U.S. history.”
America’s Chaotic Road to War (9:40 a.m)

“Mineta shouted into the phone to Monte Belger at the FAA: “Monte, bring all the planes down.” It was an unprecedented order-there were 4,546 airplanes in the air at the time. Belger, the FAA’s acting deputy administrator, amended Mineta’s directive to take into account the authority vested in airline pilots. “We’re bringing them down per pilot discretion,” Belger told the secretary.

“[Expletive] pilot discretion,” Mineta yelled back. “Get those goddamn planes down.”

Sitting at the other end of the table, Cheney snapped his head up, looked squarely at Mineta and nodded in agreement.”
Part I: Terror attacks brought drastic decision: Clear the skies

“9:45 a.m.: 3,949 planes

A misunderstanding
In Washington, FAA Administrator Jane Garvey and her deputy, Monte Belger, have been moving back and forth between a secret operations center and their offices. Throughout the morning, staffers have kept Garvey and Belger apprised of Sliney’s decisions. Now, they tell them of the order to clear the skies. With little discussion, the FAA leaders approve. Minutes later, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta calls from a bunker beneath the White House, where he has joined Vice President Cheney. Belger explains that the FAA plans to land each plane at the closest airport, regardless of its destination.
Mineta concurs. FAA staffers, following the conversation over the speakerphone with Belger, pump their fists. Then the conversation sours. Mineta asks exactly what the order means. Belger says pilots will retain some discretion. All the FAA deputy means is that under long-standing aviation regulations, pilots always have some discretion in the event of an emergency aboard their aircraft. But the secretary assumes the FAA is not being tough enough. “F—- pilot discretion,” Mineta says. “Monte, bring down all the planes.”
Event: Monte Belger, former Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
Type of event: Interview
Date: November 24,2003; 9:00 a.m.

“[U] He remembers talking to Jane Garvey on the phone who was on her way from Secretary Mineta’s office to the FAA operations center. He was on the phone with Mineta’s Chief of Staff John Flaherty when the second plane hit the WTC. He returned to the Operations Center to take Charge.”

“[U] Belger learned of the crash into the Pentagon shortly after it happened. He and Garvey got on the phone with Norm Mineta who decided to bring everything down (around 9:45) which was implemented. Belger continued to monitor the system as it executed this order. All aircraft were down and the system grounded by 12:15 P.M.”


FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tape
Destroyed Flight Evidence
Air Traffic Control Center Ronkonkoma- Red Herring or Cover-up?
NEWLY RELEASED! 9-11 WTC September 11 2001 Raw FAA ATC Air Traffic Control Audio Tapes 911
FAA Failure on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the JSOC Hijack Coordinator
Sept 11, 2001: Six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners make a tape recording describing the events within hours of the attacks. The tape is never turned over to the FBI. It is later illegally destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it. [Washington Post, 5/6/04, New York Times, 5/6/04]
F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers’ Statements

“WASHINGTON, May 6 — At least six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, made a tape recording that same day describing the events, but the tape was destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it, the Transportation Department said in a report today. The taping began before noon on Sept. 11 at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center, in Ronkonkoma, on Long Island, where about 16 people met in a basement conference room known as “the Bat Cave” and passed around a microphone, each recalling his or her version of the events a few hours earlier. But officials at the center never told higher-ups of the tape’s existence, and it was later destroyed by an F.A.A. official described in the report as a quality-assurance manager there. That manager crushed the cassette in his hand, shredded the tape and dropped the pieces into different trash cans around the building, according to a report made public today by the inspector general of the Transportation Department.”

The New York Times does not give us the name of the person who destroyed FAA tapes but I found out who it was! Kevin Delaney.
FAA destroyed tapes (Myth?)


74) Kevin Delaney

74) Kevin Delaney

Kevin Delaney — FAA manager at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center who destroyed controllers’ tapes of 9-11.



Contents of Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorders Are Missing

“All jetliners are equipped with flight data recorders (FDRs) and cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) contained in “black boxes” designed to survive the most severe crashes. To date, none of the contents of any of the black boxes have been released to the public, With the exception of a partial transcript of Flight 93’s CVR, the contents of any of the black boxes remained unknown to the public until August of 2006, when the National Security Archive published long-hidden NTSB Reports including flight path and other studies of the commandeered flights. The studies include FDR data from Flight 77 and Flight 93. Authorities had previously claimed that all but the voice recorder on Flight 93 were either not recovered or too damaged to yield data. The black boxes of Flight 77 were allegedly found on September 14th.”
List of unrecovered flight recorders

The only FDR’s never recovered from a plane crash were on 9/11 or crashes that happened over deep waters.
The Black Boxes (Indestructable Myth?)


They are several witnesses at Ground Zero that say the FBI found several of the Black Boxes but according to the official story, none were said to have never been recovered from the WTC debris. Lets look at the evidence.


“The CVR’s and FDR’s (voice and flight data recorders) from American 11 and United 175 were not found.” – 9/11 Commission Report “Notes on Chapter 1″ footnote 76 (Page 456)
“The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175 were not found,” 9/11 Commission Report, p. 456, note 76 (no ref. given by Commission)”
Black Boxes
September 12-14, 2001: Gruesome Remains Found at Ground Zero, but Supposedly No Black Boxes
Speed Likely Factor In WTC Collapse

“The effort to better understand the events of the day isn’t being made easier by the fact that the voice and data recorders aboard the two hijacked jetliners that hit the twin towers haven’t been recovered.

The four devices – and all the clues they would hold – have failed to turn up in the 1.25 million tons of steel, concrete and other material taken from ground zero.

“It’s extremely rare that we don’t get the recorders back. I can’t recall another domestic case in which we did not recover the recorders,” said Ted Lopatkiewicz, spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board.”


Firefighter Said Black Boxes Were Found at Ground Zero

“Pulitzer Prize winner William Bunch uses an account from the book to the right, “Behind-the-Scenes: Ground Zero,” as one source for the claim that three black boxes from the aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center were discovered by authorities during the recovery efforts late in 2001. This contradicts the official story. (Philadelphia Daily News, Thursday, 10/28/04 – a longer version was published on his “Campaign Extra” weblog.)”

“Amid the enormous detail of loss, sorrow and recovery conveyed in “Behind-the-Scenes: Ground Zero,” a New York City firefighter reveals that at least three of the four black boxes from Flights 11 and 175 were located by “Federal Agents” at the World Trade Center site, during the clean-up efforts from September 2001 to March 2002.

At the time of the disaster, Nicholas DeMasi was a firefighter at Engine Company 261 in Queens. (The firehouse was shut down in 2003, after a century of operation.)

In the weeks that followed 9/11, he formed an all-terrain vehicle crew (ATV Unit) at Ground Zero. In “Behind-the-Scenes,” he describes his experience as follows: “If you needed anything, go ask the ATV Guy, they’re the gopher guys.”
“Three of the four black boxes from Flight 11 and Flight 175 are found this month, according to two men who work extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center, but the public is not told. New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi will mention the discovery of the black boxes in a book published in 2003. He will claim to have driven federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle during their search and state that they found three of the four missing black boxes. The Philadelphia Daily News will report on the story in 2004 when another recovery worker, volunteer Mike Bellone, backs up DeMasi’s account and claims to have seen one of the black boxes. Spokesmen for the FBI and the New York City Fire Department will deny the claims of these two workers.”
To the Office of Governor Pataki dated September 18th, 2001 at 6:00pm.

“Investigators have identified the signal from one of the black boxes in the WTC debris.”
Black Box Bombshell: NY Firefighter Claims FBI Recovered Data Recorders at Ground ZERO

“Three of the four airline “black boxes,” officially never found in the WTC wreckage, are said to be under FBI control since January 2002, according to New York Fireman Nicholas DeMasi in a book entitled “Behind The Scenes: Ground Zero.”
9-11 Firemen Assert Aircraft Black Boxes Were Found
FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker To ‘Shut Up’ Over Finding Airplane ‘Black Boxes’
Popular Mechanics James Meigs admits black boxes found and studied
“that’s incorrect, the black boxes have been studied, the aircraft have been studied intensively” – James Meigs
“9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI”

The flight data and cockpit voice recorders from the WTC planes were ‘not’ recovered. Workers were advised to be on the lookout for them. At the Pentagon, both recorders from flight 77 were recovered but only the FDR had usable data. At Shanksville, both recorders were recovered and had usable data.
Do firefighters believe 9/11 conspiracy theories?

“Another common theory is that federal agents found three of the planes’ four black boxes and then hid or destroyed them because they contained incriminating evidence. Nicholas DeMasi, a firefighter formerly with Engine Company 261 in Queens, was quoted in a 2003 book saying that he was there when federal agents made the discovery. Another first responder corroborated his account. Although his allegations are contradicted by The 9/11 Commission Report, which says the boxes were never found, many truthers choose to believe there was a cover-up.”


For more information on the BTS Statistics for each flight, look under the sub heading 9/11 Flights for each reference.

UPDATE: U.S. BTS FOIA Records For 9/11 Planes Differ From BTS Online Database

According to a Freedom of Information Act reply from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the last known pre-9/11 flights for three of the four aircraft involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place in December, 2000, nine months before the attacks, while no pre-9/11 final flight information was provided for American Airlines flight 77 (N644AA).
However, a discovered searchable online BTS database produces the following search results for three of the four 9/11 aircraft on September 10, 2001:
AA 11 departs San Francisco (SFO): AA 09/10/2001 0198 (flight number) N334AA (tail number) BOS (destination) 22:04 (wheels-off time)
UA 175 departs San Francisco (SFO): UA 09/10/2001 0170 (flight number) N612UA (tail number) BOS (destination) 13:44 (wheels-off time)
UA 93 departs San Francisco (SFO): UA 09/10/2001 0078 (flight number) N591UA (tail number) EWR (destination) 23:15 (wheels-off time)


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