Philip D. Zelikow, Executive Director/Chair of the 9/11 Commission.

Philip Zelikow — led the 9-11 Cover-Up Commission; personally wrote the 9-11 Omission Commission Report, a best-selling work of fiction; appointed Counselor of US Department of State; “dual citizen” of US and Israel.

26) Philip Zelikow

26) Philip Zelikow

9 /11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow

Learn History with Philip Zelikow
Zelikow’s Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up
HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11: Zarembka
Conflicts of Interest:

Complete 911 Timeline: Role of Philip Zelikow

April 2003: 9/11 Commission’s Zelikow Refuses to Approve Half of Interview Requests for ‘Saudi Connection’ Investigators

April 2003: 9/11 Commission’s Zelikow Blocks Access to Key Document by ‘Saudi Connection’ Investigators

August 1-3, 2003: Leaks Hint at Saudi Involvement in 9/11

May-June 2004: Zelikow Has Portions of 9/11 Commission Report Rewritten to Be More Favorable to National Security Adviser Rice

March 2003: Zelikow and 9/11 Commission Consultant Complete Outline of Final Report before Staff Start Writing It
Charlie Rose – Charlie’s Greenroom with Philip Zelikow
9/14: Interview with Philip Zelikow
Zelikow (Chicago 9/11 Truth confronts Zelikow)
Rachel Maddow Talks With Philip Zelikow about His Testimony Today – Part 1 of 2
New Book Alleges 9/11 Commissioner Philip Zelikow Minimized Scrutiny of Bush Admin Failure to Prevent al-Qaeda Attack
Ex-9/11 Panel Chief Denies Secret White House Ties

“9/11 Commission co-chairs Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton hired former Condoleezza Rice aide Philip Zelikow to be executive director, Zelikow failed to tell them about his role helping Rice set up President George W. Bush’s National Security Council in early 2001 – and that he was “instrumental” in demoting Richard Clarke, the onetime White House counterterrorism czar who was fixated on the threat from Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, according to Holland’s version of Shenon’s tome.”
“If the device that exploded in 1993 under the World Trade Center had been nuclear, or had effectively dispersed a deadly pathogen, the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either further terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently.” – 9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow, Foreign Affairs , writing in 1998

Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger (1998)
By Ashton Carter, John Deutch, and Philip Zelikow
Senate Torture Hearing pt 14 – Phillip Zelikow

The Zelikow Memo: Internal Critique of Bush Torture Memos Declassified
Dr. Philip Zelikow, “Some Uses of History”
Zelikow Appointed to Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board
Philip Zelikow: The Bush Administration Investigates the Bush Administration
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks
Upon the United States

Monograph on Terrorist Financing

“This is a study by Commission staff. While the Commissioners have been briefed on the work and have had the opportunity to review earlier drafts of some of this work, they have not approved this text and it does not necessarily reflect their views.

Philip Zelikow”

Note: Search words “Mujahideen” and “Taliban”.


Philip Zelikow

Charges: Conspiracy to Commit Murder after the fact by engaging in a cover-up. Treason.

Means: As head of the 9/11 Commission Philip Zelikow had the unique means to monitor and control the investigation. According to Senator Max Cleland a former member of the 9/11 Commission, “A minority of the commissioners were only allowed to see a minority of the documents.” Through this and other means Zelikow oversaw the Government investigation into the attacks and willfully engaged in a cover-up.

Motive: Philip Zelikow Wrote the pre-emptive Iraq War strategy with Condoleeza Rice. In addition Zelikow’s support of Israel and International Zionism were likely an additional motive for him to help cover-up these crimes.

Opportunity: Zelikow earned a law degree from the University of Houston Law School and a Ph. D. from Tufts University. He wrote books too. He wrote a book on The Kennedy Tapes, and another on “Why People Don’t Trust Government”. One of his areas of expertise is PUBLIC MYTHOLOGY.

While at Harvard he actually wrote about the use, and misuse, of history in policymaking. As he noted in his own words, “contemporary” history is “defined functionally by those critical people and events that go into forming the public’s presumptions about its immediate past. The idea of ‘public presumption’,” he explained, “is akin to [the] notion of ‘public myth’ but without the negative implication sometimes invoked by the word ‘myth.’ Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.” So Zelikow, the guy who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report, was an expert in how to misuse public trust and create PUBLIC MYTHS.

From his top position on the 9/11 Commission Zelikow had the unique opportunity to control the outcome of the investigation and it’s final report. It can be proven that he willfully acted upon this opportunity to engage in a cover-up since most of the 9/11 Commission Report and it’s conclusions were authored by Zelikow before the investigation was completed.

  1. 9 /11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow


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