Nicholas Rockefeller — told film-maker Aaron Russo of coming catastrophic event eleven months before 9-11.

80) Nicholas Rockefeller

80) Nicholas Rockefeller


Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

Clip from Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism.

“Let me tell you what that was about, WE the Rockefeller’s funded that, WE funded women’s lib, WE’RE the one’s who got all of the newspapers and television – the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Nick is not apart of the “Rockefeller Foundation”. Who is he referring to as WE?
I did some research myself on the topic ad found that “Nick Rockefeller” is indeed a lawyer at Perkins and Coie firm in Los Angeles. He has represented companies involved in worldwide communications, international development and has been a participant in the World Economic Forum.

“Nick” is also a venture capital counselor who has donated large sums of money to the Matzorki’s Family foundation

“Matzorki’s” is the creator of the nations largest people search organization called US search. Apparently Matzorki’s new company Global Agora is teaming up with “Nicky” and a Chinese government owned company to launch wireless retailing in China.

Even though I could not find the direct link from “Nick Jr.” to the Rockefeller family I am sure that the lawyer and the investor are the same Nick Rockefeller and the fact that he would have the cash to get a stake in a huge retail venture in China leads me to believe his last name bears more than a coincidence.
I will admit that I thought “Nick” was a member of the John D Rockefeller family tree but it doesn’t turn out that way.

So who is Nick Rockefeller?

I loved Freedom to Fascism and RIP Aaron Russo! But I ask again……. Who is Nick Rockefeller? He does not appear to be part of the John D Rockefeller family tree.


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