Mark Loizeaux — as CEO of CDI was instrumental in “recycling” steel from WTC crime scene; CDI also buried the rubble from the crime scene of the Murrah Federal Building.

89) Mark Loizeaux

89) Mark Loizeaux


Profile: Mark Loizeaux
Mark Loizeaux
The WTC 7 collapse series: meet Mark Loizeaux
BBC Piece Post-Mortem: Mark Loizeaux and the Special Engineer
The Best Evidence Available on the 9-11 Conspiracy
Massive Assault Doomed Towers

“A big question for implosion expert Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition Inc., the Phoenix, Md., is why the twin towers appeared to have collapsed in such different ways.

Observing the collapses on television news, Loizeaux says the 1,362-ft-tall south tower, which was hit at about the 60th floor, failed much as one would like fell a tree. That is what was expected, says Loizeaux. But the 1,368-ft-tall north tower, similarly hit but at about the 90th floor, “telescoped,” says Loizeaux. It failed vertically, he adds, rather than falling over. “I don’t have a clue,” says Loizeaux, regarding the cause of the telescoping.”

NOTES: Like a tree? Trees tip over. Timber! Has he ever watched the collapse of the South Tower? It started to tip and then went through the path of greatest resistance at near free fall acceleration. Both towers collapsed very similar. A “telescope” folds into itself, not out of itself.
“Loizeaux will recall: “The expression around was they’re going to pancake down, almost vertically. And they did. It was the only way they could fail. It was inevitable.” [New Scientist, 7/24/2004] Soon after the attacks, Loizeaux, as a recognized expert, will be called upon to comment on the fall of the WTC towers. [Construction (.com), 9/13/2001] In addition, his firm will be involved with the clearing of Ground Zero. (It was also tasked with bringing down the remnants of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City after its partial destruction in 1995 (see 8:35 a.m. – 9:02 a.m. April 19, 1995 and 7:01 a.m. May 23, 1995).) [Construction (.com), 10/1/2001]”



(Look under CDI)


“Stacey Loizeaux, twenty-six years old, has worked for Controlled Demolition, an international explosives engineering firm, since the age of fifteen. She learned the fine art of demolition from her father, Mark Loizeaux, and her uncle, Doug Loizeaux—president and vice-president of the company. NOVA spoke with Ms. Loizeaux a few days before Christmas, 1996.”

1996 Interview with Stacey Loizeaux

“NOVA: A common misconception is that you blow buildings up. That’s not really the case, is it?

Stacy Loizeaux: No. The term “implosion” was coined by my grandmother back in, I guess, the ’60s. It’s a more descriptive way to explain what we do than “explosion.” There are a series of small explosions, but the building itself isn’t erupting outward. It’s actually being PULLED in on top of itself. What we’re really doing is removing specific support columns within the structure and then cajoling the building in one direction or another, or straight down.”

“Pull” is a demolition term used long before 9/11.
Born to the Booming Business of Arranging Big Blowups, Stacey Loizeaux Deconstructs Buildings All Over the World,,20126722,00.html

“Her family, you see, blows up buildings—implodes them, actually, in order to leave the rubble in a nice tidy pile—so now Stacey has a lot more to worry about than hecklers and lonely nights on the road. Today, as heiress apparent to Controlled Demolition Inc., America’s top explosives demolition company, Loizeaux, now 27, is the world’s top female implosionist. On Oct. 24 she helped oversee the leveling of Detroit’s 33-story J.L. Hudson department store building, the tallest such structure ever taken down with explosives. For those who missed that blast when it was covered on CNN, the Loizeaux’s handiwork is also on view in the action thriller Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith and due to open over Thanksgiving. (The exploding building in the movie’s TV ads is, in fact, the late Dr Pepper plant in Baltimore.)”
Stacey Loizeaux Comments


“Whether working in heavy or light manufacturing areas for the petrochemical, metal, power generation or automotive industries, Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s implosion capabilities and DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance) System facilitate the demolition or dismantling of all types of steel and concrete facilities to provide the safe, expeditious and cost-effective removal of industrial structures.”

NOTES: “Remote Explosives”

A Plausible Theory Explaining the Controlled Demolition of the Twin Towers Using Aluminothermic Incendiaries and Explosives with Wireless Ignition Means


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