Juval (or Yuval) Aviv (born February 24, 1947) is an Israeli-American writer and security consultant. He may be best known for his claim that he is the source of the 1984 book Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team by George Jonas, on which Steven Spielberg’s 2005 film Munich was based.[1] He has claimed to have worked for Mossad but there has been some debate as to whether or not this is the case. He is currently the president of Interfor, a corporate investigations firm in New York.

Munich (2005)
Juval Aviv on Israel and 9/11
Five Dancing Israelis Lie About Their Involvement in 9-11!

“Urban Moving Systems was a front company for Israeli intelligence” ~ Juval Aviv (Counter terrorism advisor to the US Congress) (@5:54)
Juval Aviv is the real Zohan

Inside the Octopus with Juval Aviv
juval aviv eyewitness news at 5

juval aviv interfor west palm beach 02 09

Juval Aviv Interviewed About Possible Thanksgiving Terrorist Attack

Juval Aviv Interviewed About US Response to Terrorism

Juval Aviv Discusses JFK Security Breach

Juval Aviv Interviewed About UK Airport Bombing
Juval Aviv Interviewed about Security Issues
@1:10 “It’s easy to put a truck bomb… as WE did… as happened in London.”
Juval Aviv Your Turn
Juval Aviv Interviewed about Al Qaeda
Juval Aviv (Counter terrorism advisor to the US Congress)

Juval Aviv on Israel and 9/11

@6:10 “Israel has engaged in intelligence gathering in friendly countries, some of it is done with permission and some it if probably done without permission in areas that is vital to Israeli interests, where large Arab communities operate and live. Where there were a lot of fund raising activities in the middle east. Thats the old undercover. This is the old way of gathering intelligence which America has not used. If a decision is being made to put a bomb under building during an after prayer on a Friday night in a Mosque. You have to be in the Mosque, you will not be able to do it from a satelite.”
@7:16 “There are certain type of information, methods of collection, that you don’t want to share with the local host country. Systems that you use, contact that you make, under cover operations that you are penetrating other terrorist networks. Those types of information you don’t share, with anybody.”
@6:53 “Sources close to Israeli intelligence have told Channel 4 that Urban Moving has produced no information that could have prevented 9/11. But whatever the truth of the conspiracy story, it flushed out the possibility that Israel spies on America. It’s closest ally. An espionage tactic that both Governments would prefer kept secret.”
@7:40 “The Urban Moving 5 were deported to Israel for Visa violations, Channel 4 understands from sources close to US intelligence that condition on their release was that Israel promises not to spy in the US without permission. Then as now, the Israeli Governemnt denies that it spies in the US.”


Secret Agent Schmuck

Juval Aviv Predicts New Terrorist Attacks

Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent warned Bush of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack-Unproven!
Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent Offers Tips Incase of a Terrorist Attack-Truth!

I can find no reference of Juval Aviv ever being on the Bill O’reilly show!

But I did find this on FOX Published July 13, 2005 (one week after the London Bombings)

U.S. Terror Attack — ‘Ninety Days at Most’

Other source:


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