DONALD RUMSFELD – Former Secretary of Defense and PNAC member; close friend of Cheney; was at Pentagon on 9-11.

3) Donald Rumsfeld

3) Donald Rumsfeld



Complete 911 Timeline: Donald Rumsfeld’s Actions on 9/11
Donald Rumsfeld Uses 9/11 To Excuse and Glorify The Crimes of Bush
Secret Recordings of Donald Rumsfeld speaking about 9-11




Donald Rumsfeld has claimed several times to not know what Building 7 was. Rumsfeld is either lying or suffering from amnesia because the former defense secretary served as chairman of SSB (Salomon Smith Barney) which occupied 37 of the 47 floors inside WTC7.


Donald Rumsfeld Questioned About WTC 7 – Feb 2011

Mancow: “Building 7 I often hear about, no plane hit building 7, why did Building 7 come down? What do you tell people?”
Rumsfeld: “What is Building 7?”
Mancow: “Was it Building 5, the building that wasn’t hit by the plane. Building 7.”
Rumsfeld: “I have no idea, I’ve never heard that.”
Donald Rumsfeld and the Demolition of WTC 7

“The one major tenant of WTC 7 was Salomon Smith Barney (SSB), the company that occupied 37 of the 47 floors in WTC 7. A little discussed fact is that Rumsfeld was the chairman of the SSB advisory board and Dick Cheney was a board member as well. Rumsfeld had served as chairman of the SSB advisory board since its inception in 1999. According to the financial disclosures he made in his nomination process, during the same period Rumsfeld had also been a paid consultant to the Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet. Rumsfeld and Cheney had to resign from their CIA and SSB positions in 2001 when they were confirmed as members of George W. Bush’s cabinet.”

Rumsfeld knew full well what Building 7 was. After all, he was a paid consultant for the Director of Intelligence before leaving to join the Bush admin.

The Rumsfeld Resume (December 2000)

“Currently Rumsfeld is chairman of the board of directors of Gilead Sciences, Inc. He also serves as a member of the boards of directors of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Ltd., Tribune Company and RAND Corporation. He is currently chairman of the Salomon Smith Barney (SSB) International Advisory Board.”
“He is also Chairman of the Salomon Smith Barney International Advisory Board and an advisor to a number of companies,”
INSANITY Frm Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Still Has No Clue About WTC7 (2016)

“In this video Luke Rudkowski confronts the former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld who was on duty on 9/11. Rumsfeld recently made national headlines after being on the opie and anthony show, a national radio station saying he had no clue what wtc building 7 is. Luke decided after the national controversy to catch up with Rumsfeld on this controversy and this is what Rumsfeld had to say about it.”


WATCH: Donald Rumsfeld caught lying about conflating Saddam Hussein and 9/11 attacks
Rumsfeld Lies About Iraq

Rumsfeld Lies About War

Rumsfeld caught in a lie
Rumsfeld shuck hands with Saddam
The Saddam in Rumsfeld’s Closet
Rumsfeld ‘helped Iraq get chemical weapons’
Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11
Rumsfeld Describes Elaborate Cave System in Afghanistan
Testimony Prepared for Delivery to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
Testimony Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, Washington, DC, Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Rumsfeld quietly shelved a 2002 report undermining Bush administration’s claims about Iraq’s WMDs


CIA vet Ray McGovern confronts Rumsfeld

Ray McGovern Confronts Rumsfeld
Cynthia Mckinney Questions Rumsfeld And Myers About 9/11 WarGames
Rep. Dennis Kucinich grills Donald Rumsfeld
Donald Rumsfeld Confronted by Judge Napalitano


Why wasn’t Donald Rumsfeld (The Secretary of Defense) in his office protecting and coordinating response to the “terrorist attacks”. Instead he was on the Pentagon lawn helping the wounded while “America was under attack”.

“In the event of a hijacking, the the National Military Command Center, located within the Pentagon, will be notified by the FAA.”

“The Secretary of Defense did not enter the chain of command until the morning’s key events were over.” 9/11 Commission report
Rumsfeld on 9/11

Donald Rumsfeld out of office on 9/11
Where was Rumsfeld on 9/11?

Where was Rumsfeld During the 9/11 Attacks?


“September, 2000: The Project for a New American Century, a neo-conservative thinktank, whose members include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz, releases their report, entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” In it, they declare that “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.”
“He was a founder and active member of the Project for the New American Century, a neo-conservative think-tank dedicated to maintaining U.S. Primacy and his plans were in full effect when waaaaaay back in January of 1998, he signed a PNAC letter calling for President Bill Clinton to implement “regime change” in Iraq.”


Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns!

“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns- the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” – Donald Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld Reflects on Changes Caused by 9/11

“His new book, “Known and Unknown,” recounts Rumsfeld’s foreboding comments.
“Sometime within the coming period,” he told his guests, “an event somewhere in the world will be sufficiently shocking that it will remind the American people and their representatives in Washington how important it is for us to have a strong national defense.”
“Just as the meeting was wrapping up, that event began to unfold as a group of al-Qaida members launched the largest terror attack ever to take place on American soil.”


Rumsfeld said Flight 93 shot down
“or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania, attacked the Pentagon.”

This was probably a faux pas but still noteworthy.
“There is no question but that there have been interactions between the Iraqi government, Iraqi officials and Al Qaeda operatives. They have occurred over a span of some 8 or 10 years to our knowledge. There are currently Al Qaeda in Iraq,” – Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Infinity CBS Radio, Nov. 14, 2002.
“Oh goodness no! “Never would have crossed anyone’s mind.”
~ Donald Rumsfeld. Sept 30th, 2001
“There were lots of warnings.”
~ Donald Rumsfeld Oct 12th, 2001
“On the morning of September 11, Secretary Rumsfeld was having breakfast at the Pentagon with a group of members of Congress. He then returned to his office for his daily intelligence briefing. The Secretary was informed of the second strike in New York during the briefing; he resumed the briefing while awaiting more information. After the Pentagon was struck, Secretary Rumsfeld went to the parking lot to assist with rescue efforts…”– The 9/11 Commission Report, pp. 37-38
When asked by Commissioner Jamie Gorelick what he had done to protect the nation, or the Pentagon, during the “summer of threat” preceding the attacks, Rumsfeld replied “it was a law enforcement issue.”
“Rumsfeld was missing in action that morning, out of the loop, by his own admission. The Pentagon’s command center was leaderless, for 30 minutes we couldn’t find Rumsfeld.“ ~ Brig. Gen. Montague Winfield, testimony before 9/11 commission.
Was the commission comfortable with the fact that Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was not in the chain of command or present in the Pentagons command center until all four suicide hijacked planes were down? “I’m not going to answer that question,” Lee Hamilton, Co-Chairman 9/11 commision.
For more than two hours after the Federal Aviation Administration became aware that the first plane had been hijacked, the man whose job it was to order air cover over Washington, Donald Rumsfeld, did not show up in the Pentagon’s command center. It took him almost two hours to “gain situational awareness,” he told the commission. He didn’t speak to the vice president until 10:39 a.m., according to the report. Since that was more than 30 minutes after the last hijacked plane crashed. This is an an admission of “Dereliction of Duty.”
(10 U.S. Code § 164) – Commanders of combatant commands: assignment; powers and duties in the CCDRs, this is Federal Law. That means, Rumsfeld being out on the lawn, doing whatever, was actually against the law according to his oath. The operational command of the Armed Forces belongs the Department of Defense and is exercised through the Secretary of Defense, with assistance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the Combatant Commands, as outlined in the presidentially approved Unified Command Plan. These commands are established to provide effective command and control of U.S. military forces, regardless of branch of service, in peace and war.The Chain of Command for operational purposes goes from the President through the Secretary of Defense to the Combatant Commanders.


Donald Rumsfeld

Former Secretary of War and PNAC member; close friend of Cheney (both served in high level positions in former corrupt administrations); was at Pentagon on 9-11 tampering with evidence on the Pentagon lawn;

Charges: Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Treason, Tampering with a Crime Scene

When President Bush finally agreed to have a “conversation” with the 9-11 commissioners–provided it was not under oath, not recorded, and Cheney was at his side–the account the two top leaders gave was murky and unverifiable. On the crucial matter of whether fighters should be sent up to protect the nation’s capital, for example, the final report says that “the Vice President stated that he called the President to discuss the rules of engagement for ordering [air cover].” But, it continues, the two did not order air cover because it would “do no good unless pilots had instructions on whether they were authorized to shoot if the plane would not divert.” The job of issuing such instructions belonged to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld’s public testimony before the commission was bizarre. When Gorelick asked the Secretary of Defense what he had done to protect the nation (or even the Pentagon) during the “summer of threat” preceding the attacks, Rumsfeld replied simply that “it was a law-enforcement issue.” (So, observers were left to wonder, should the FBI be out with shoulder-launched missiles?)

“We still don’t have a full accounting of Rumsfeld’s whereabouts and knowledge on the morning of 9-11,” Gorelick acknowledged after the commission’s final public hearing. “We don’t have answers to the questions that you’re asking. But I’m going to make sure it’s nailed down,” she promised. Yet the final published report offers no further details on Rumsfeld’s inactions or the reason he was “out of the loop” (as the secretary himself put it) that morning.

The National Military Command Center (NMCC) inside the Pentagon was the nerve center of the military’s response to the attacks on 9-11. But the lead military officer that day, Brigadier General Montague Winfield, told the commission that the center had been leaderless.”For 30 minutes we couldn’t find [Secretary Rumsfeld].”

Means: As Secretary of Defense it was Donald Rumsfeld’s job on the day of 9/11 to protect the nation. The evidence shows conclusively that Donald Rumsfeld did nothing to protect the US from attack on 9/11, that his actions (or inaction) that day were deliberate and not accidental, and that based on this evidence the only explanation for this failure is that Donald Rumsfeld deliberately acted in a capacity to undermine US Defenses thereby allowing the 9/11 attacks to succeed.

Motive: Before TV cameras on the evening of 9/11 itself, Rumsfeld said to Senator Carl Levin, then chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee:

“Senator Levin, you and other Democrats in Congress have voiced fear that you simply don’t have enough money for the large increase in defense that the Pentagon is seeking, especially for missile defense…Does this sort of thing convince you that an emergency exists in this country to increase defense spending, to dip into Social Security, if necessary, to pay for defense spending ? increase defense spending?”

Department of Defense News Briefing on Pentagon Attack
(, quoted in Meyssan, 9/11: The Big Lie, 152.

Earlier that day, the Pentagon, which by then had been under Rumsfeld’s leadership for almost seven months, failed to prevent airplane attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon itself. Now that very evening Rumsfeld was using the success of those attacks to get more money from Congress for the Pentagon and, in particular, for the US Space Command. One might think that this rather remarkable coincidence would have gotten the attention of the 9/11 Commission, because it suggests that the secretary of defense may not have wanted to prevent this “new Pearl Harbor.” But the Commission’s report, focusing exclusively on al-Qaeda terrorists, makes no mention of this possible motive.

Opportunity: Rumsfeld’s unexplained whereabouts and unexplained failures to protect the nation on the morning of 9/11 prove that he had the opportunity to defend the nation, but that he failed to do so. Knowing that his “failures” that day could be excused as accidental mistakes, we allege Donald Rumsfeld acted in a capacity to allow the attacks to happen by purposely failing to stop them knowing that his actions would be excused by the subsequent official “investigation”.


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