Dave Frasca — FBI Radical Fundamentalists Unit Chief; personally scuttled the work of Kenneth Williams in July 2001 and Coleen Rowley in August 2001, the Arizona and Minnesota FBI agents who were actively investigating “terrorist” patsies in CIA-operated flight schools.

12) Dave Frasca

12) Dave Frasca


Profile: David Frasca
Related Entities:
Employee Radical Fundamentalist Unit
Acquaintance of Tom Wilshire
Acquaintance of Michael Maltbie
Acquaintance of Rita Flack
Acquaintance of Michael Rolince
Employee of International Terrorism Operations Section
Employee of Federal Bureau of Investigation
Acquaintance of Randy Glass
David Frasca was a participant or observer in the following events:
” Dave Frasca is the manager at FBI Headquarters, whom Minneapolis FBI Agent and Legal Adviser Coleen Rowley named in her 13-page letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller. “….FBI agent Colleen Rowley basically fingers a mid-level FBI supervisory agent in the Hoover Building (in Washington) named Dave Frasca, head of the task force on religious fanatics.”
Will David Frasca be the FBI fall guy for 9/11?
Who Is Dave Frasca? (Jon Gold)
Dave Frasca–FBI’s cover man for 9.11

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