Methodical Illusion – Rebekah Roth

Methodical Illusion – Rebekah Roth

Rebekah Roth is the Author of a new 9/11 Truth book titled Methodical Illusion. Rebekah was on Blog Talk Radio for the entire week of Nov 17-21 to give testimony in regards to 9/11 and to talk about her new book. She is a former Flight Attendant with nearly 30 years experience in the airline industry and this is her story on how she awoken to the truth about 9/11 from the perspective of an airline employee. Although I may not agree with everything she claims, the amount of evidence she does present is not to be discounted. She is very well spoken and versed on the topic and she explores areas about 9/11 that aren’t widely discussed within the movement.

Rebekah’s website


Methodical Illusion (Amazon)

5 Part Interview:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Methodical Deception

Rebekah Roth has published a 2nd book about 9/11. Again it’s labelled as “Fiction”.

Methodical Deception

“I am very excited to present the sequel to Methodical Illusion. The worldwide interest in 9/11 has not only brought me renewed faith but has brought to me Freedom of Information Act data and eyewitnesses. The Methodical Deception takes off right where Methodical Illusion left off.

So, Fasten your seat belts and brace for impact as Vera Hanson and Jim Bowman continue to delve into the events of September 11, 2001 and learn with them as they discover what really happened and who was really behind this horrific event.”

Methodical Deception (Amazon)


Although much her her research and beliefs are based on conjecture and speculation. I do think she brings interesting information to an area that isn’t much discussed in the movement.


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  1. For all you Rebekah Roth fans out there, did you know she believes in the No Plane Hologram theory? Methodical Illusion should have been the first clue. Now she’s taking this movement for another ride with Methodical Deception. Keep giving her your money as she is capitalizing off this movement while spreading disinformation.

    Your beloved Rebekah Roth is a WTC No Planer and the trolls are flocking to her! Look for yourself.



  2. James Fetzer has written up a Hit Piece on Rebekah Roth. Uncle Jim is not to be trusted in any shape or form.

    Rebekah’s METHODICAL ILLUSION may be Rebekah herself

    “According to several sources, I have been told that Rebekah’s real name is Monika Gainor. She appears to be working for the CIA, which no doubt appreciated her gifts for instant memorization and smooth articulation. She has blonde hair, but wears a brunette wig and glasses to disguise her identity. They have also told me that, far from being exceptionally skilled at research, she plagiarized (actually, stole) a terabyte of data from a long-time student of 9/11 and appropriated his last 10 years of research as her own. “Rebekah” frequently claims she has “a terabyte of information”, which is stunning by itself.”

    “Now, I am fallible and capable of making mistakes. My sources are highly credible, however, and what they have told me supports my interpretation of her role as that of reaffirming the existence of the planes and passengers on 9/11. As I explained at the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, a great deal of evidence substantiates that none of those planes crashed on 9/11. Since none of the planes crashed, none of the passengers aboard them could have died in crashes that did not take place. I believe Monika has been assigned to skate around the evidence to restore the planes and the passengers as elements of the official account.”


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